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Insul-Tek Piping Systems Inc. Features Insul-tek Dual-Con System

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Insul-Tek® Dual-Con is the ideal system for use on those sites that pose the most difficult of conditions for an underground preinsulated piping system. The Dual-Con system provides “double protection” for your underground piping systems.

The Dual-Con system utilizes two (2) separate protective casings. The Exterior Casing is a Corrosion Proof, non-metallic High Density Polyethylene (H.D.P.E.) casing, which is one of the toughest and most durable materials available today.

The Inner Casing is a Steel Conduit which provides the strength of steel and is easily welded in the field and air tested to prove its integrity (tightness). Dual-Con utilizes Two (2) different types of Insulation Systems, an Exterior Layer of the most thermally efficient Polyurethane Foam insulation, in conjunction with an Inner Layer of High Temperature Insulation consisting of: mineral wool, Foamglas®, calcium silicate or perlite insulation.

Insul-Tek® Dual-Con is manufactured to withstand the most severe and corrosive conditions that can be found in an underground heat distribution site. Dual-Con is both the most thermally efficient system, and the most corrosion resistant preinsulated piping system available today.

Typical Uses:

  • Steam and Condensate Distribution
  • District Heating and Cooling
  • High Temperature Hot Water
  • Cogeneration
  • Process Fluids
  • Drainable, Dryable, Air Testable, Class “A”
  • Steel Conduit system utilizing a non-corrosive
  • High Density Polyethylene (H.D.P.E.) Exterior Casing
Carrier Pipe
The carrier pipe(s) is typically Schedule 40 A53 Grade B, E.R.W., except for condensate service which is generally Schedule 80 A53 Grade B, E.R.W. Sizes above 10" are typically standard wall dimension. Other types and grades of carrier pipe are available depending upon application. Please consult factory for recommendation.

Carrier Pipe Insulation
The carrier pipe is insulated with the customer's choice of one of today's thermally efficient dryable insulation materials. The insulation shall he the type that has passed the US. National Bureau of Standards Boiling Test. The standard insulation materials include; mineral wool, Foamglass calcium silicate, and perlite insulation. The insulation thickness will be properly sized to ensure that the piping system is thermally efficient.

Inner Steel Conduit
The carrier pipe with attached insulation will be supported within a smooth wall steel conduit having a wall thickness of not less than 10 gauge. Piping shall be suitably spaced and supported in
the conduit by specially designed pipe supports which allow for continuous air flow and drainage of the conduit system in place. The pipe supports will be placed at not less than 10' intervals.

Download the Product Brochure

About Insul-Tek® Piping Systems Inc.
Insul-Tek® Piping Systems Inc. has been in the business designing and manufacturing preinsulated piping systems since 1989. Whether it be a cryogenic piping system operating at -350°F or a district heating system operating at 500°F, Insul-Tek can provide a custom designed system to suit the specific requirements of your project.

INSUL-TEK® offers a complete line of insulated piping products suited to handle almost any application. Whether it be a cryogenic piping system operating at-350° F or a district heating system operating at 500° F, we can furnish you with a completely engineered and prefabricated INSUL-TEK® piping system

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