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Interior Application From StoneLite Panels


StoneLite® panels are generally not a good fit for most residential applications unless weight or durability is a factor or for use in large scale multi-family residential buildings.

The panels have been used on many high-end residences as wall cladding, balcony flooring, and interior cladding.


StoneLite® panels have over 25 years of proven performance as cladding on all types of buildings throughout the world. After many years of exposure to many different environments and after being subjected to extreme heat, bitter cold, earthquakes and hurricanes, the panels remain durable and continue to perform.

StoneLite® panels keep the beauty of natural stone and eliminate its fragile, brittle and variable properties. They are frequently installed on walls, ceilings and high-end furniture. The impact resistant lightweight stone is easy to handle and does not require heavy lifting equipment. Large size panels provide design flexibility.

PLEASE NOTE: While the installed cost of StoneLite® panels is most often less than dimensional stone, you must still have a budget that will allow for stone for our product to be economically viable for a residential application.

Counter Tops

PLEASE NOTE: In most counter-top applications, the cost difference between StoneLite® panels and dimensional stone can not be offset by the reduced labor cost and structural savings to make this an appropriate application. Because we add value to the stone by making it a high-strength yet flexible composite panel, our material only price is more expensive than solid dimensional stone. This difference is normally made up by the reduced installation and structural costs associated with hanging stone on a vertical application. However, horizontal applications where lower weight is not a benefit simply can not offset this difference in price.

To determine if StoneLite® panels are right for your specific application, please contact our Technical Services Staff at (800)328-6275 or (469)635-5000.

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