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Introducing Tectum V Acoustical Roof Deck from Tectum Inc.


Introducing the newest innovation in longer-span structural roof decks: Tectum V.

The Tectum V roof deck panel is a composite of a 1½" Tectum substrate, ½" NEOPOR® GPS (Graphite Enhanced Polystyrene) insulation, 7/16" OSB sheathing, 6" NEOPOR® GPS insulation, and 7/16" OSB sheathing with a slip-resistant surface. Components are bonded with code-listed structural adhesives. The NEOPOR® GPS core exceeds the requirements of ASTM C-578 Type I and bears the UL classification mark. Tectum V can span up to 12 feet.


  • Spans up to 12 feet
  • 50 pound design load
  • Diaphragm sheer of 417
  • R-Value of 33
The GPS core exceeds the requirements of ASTM C-578 Type I and bears the UL classification mark.

Tectum V Roof Deck Panels are recognized for use in Type I and II construction where fire-retardant treated wood is allowed in accordance with IBC Section 603.1 (1). The 1 '/2" Tectum substrate provides a 15 minute barrier for foam plastics (Per ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-1112). During shipping, storage, installation and use, this material should not be exposed to flame or other ignition sources. NEOPOR@ GPS insulation contains a flame retardant additive to inhibit accidental ignition from small fire sources.

When designing for high-humidity applications such as pools or ice arenas, please contact the Tectum Inc. technical department for assistance.

About Tectum Inc.

Acoustics are a key element of good building design and have been proven to affect an occupant’s perception of the quality of a space. No matter what kind of space, good acoustics make the sounds cleaner, clearer and more easily understood.

Style is a critical element for most spaces, and today Tectum Products provide a tremendous range of options. From the full spectrum of color in the Sherwin Williams pallet to custom-printed images of your design to fabric-wrapped panels, Tectum Products are surprising architects and designers with new possibilities for realizing a design vision.

Toughness is at the heart of all Tectum Products. Starting in 1949 Tectum Products have proven their durability and abuse-resistance in high-traffic, high-impact areas.

After more than half a century in widespread use, Tectum Acoustical Products have won the trust of commercial, industrial and institutional designers.

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