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Over the years, Ionpure has been an innovator and leader in defining continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) standards. Its CEDI modules were developed by the same team of scientists who first commercialized electrodeionization in 1987. Now, Ionpure will set the standard for twenty-first century CEDI products.

Based in Lowell, Massachusetts, U.S.A., the Ionpure team has over 150 years of cumulative experience including all types of CEDI technology configurations, from thin cell and thick cell to mixed bed, layered bed and separate bed. No other company has more experience in development, testing, design and application of CEDI modules, controls and power supplies.

The company's LX modules, first commercialized in early 2001, offer benefits such as easy installation, low maintenance, compact, rugged design, and the ability to be hot-water sanitized. They are also guaranteed to be leak-free and do not require salt/brine addition or a recirculation pump. The LX family currently includes modules suitable for general industry (X-Series) and hot-water-sanitizable applications (HWS-Series), as well as an ultrapure unit (UP-Series) that offers greater than 99.5 percent silica, boron and sodium removal. Today, there are thousands of LX modules installed worldwide for applications such as pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing, and power generation.

Reformed in January 2003 (Originally 1987), Ionpure Technologies is dedicated to the marketing, sales, research and development and manufacturing of its LX series of modules and accessories to OEM customers worldwide. Its OEM customers are able to source the LX series of modules and accessories from a neutral supplier committed to providing the highest quality products, world-class service and the latest technological upgrades.

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(02520) Well
(22 67 19) Processed Water Equipment for Laboratory and Healthcare Facilities
(22 67 19.19) Deionized-Water Equipment
(33 20 00) Wells
(33 21 00) Water Supply Wells
(33 22 00) Test Wells
(33 23 00) Extraction Wells
(33 24 00) Monitoring Wells
(33 25 00) Recharge Wells
  (33 29 00) Well Abandonment
(43 32 13.13) Anion-Gas and Liquid Purification Process Beds
(43 32 13.16) Cation-Gas and Liquid Purification Process Beds
(43 32 29) Electronic Deionization Purification Units
(43 32 36) Mixed-Bed Ion-Exchange Vessels
(43 32 39) Gas and Liquid Purification Mixed Beds
(43 32 39.13) Externally Regenerable Gas and Liquid Purification Mixed Beds
(43 32 39.16) In-Situ Regenerable Gas and Liquid Purification Mixed Beds

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