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Kee Walk Rooftop Walkway From Simplified Safety

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Jan 19, 2012

As rooftop solar installations grow, so grows the need to access the roof safely.

Part of roof top safety is having a proper rooftop railing installed. On a metal roof there are other safety concerns. The metal ribs can cause a significant trip hazard. Additionally, the metal roof may not be designed for people to be walking on any part other than the seam.

Kee Walk rooftop walkway is a modular walkway solution that is principally designed to attach to metal roofs. It connects to the standing seam or corrugated roof top using clamps and screws. These sections can easily be laid down to form a walkway around rooftop solar panel installations.

About Us

Provider of rooftop safety solutions including, roof top safety rail, skylight screens, roof walkways, safety gates and numerous other safety solutions.

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