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Keeping Manhattan Clean and Snow-Free, with Penetron


Previously located at Pier 52 on the Hudson River, the garage facility was moved to the corner of Spring & West Streets to make waterfront land available for the recently established Hudson River Park. The new Manhattan District 1/2/5 Garage serves the Department of Sanitation New York (DSNY) as a base of operations for three separate District Garages, as well as the UPS Staging Lot operations for Lower Manhattan.

The Manhattan District 1/2/5 Garage accommodates over 150 sanitation vehicles, separate vehicle wash and personnel facilities for each district, and centralized fueling and repair facilities. A benchmark project for NYC’s Active Design program, the garage features a green roof to protect the building and enhance storm water retention and thermal performance. Designed by Dattner Architects in association with WXY Architecture + Urban Design, the project is set to achieve a LEED Gold certification.

The garage is a five-level structure with a total floor area of about 427,250 square feet (39,700m2). The parking levels, with approximately 266 parking spaces, accommodate vehicle parking and storage, offices, and locker facilities. The building was constructed on a concrete slab with pilings (no cellar) using PENETRON ADMIX SB. In addition, there are two 4,000 gallon underground tanks, also treated with PENETRON ADMIX, for storage of liquid calcium chloride, which is applied with rock salt to melt snow and ice. Overall, about 16,000 cubic yards (12,230m3) of concrete were treated with PENETRON ADMIX for all concrete structures.

PENETRON ADMIX is designed to protect concrete in the most critical environments, such as the traffic of heavy maintenance vehicles,” adds Christopher Chen, Director of The PENETRON Group. “The proven resistance of our admixture to chemical attack, including exposure to rock salt and calcium chloride, made PENETRON the optimal solution for enhancing the durability of the concrete for this project.”

The PENETRON Group is a leading manufacturer of specialty construction products for concrete waterproofing, concrete repairs and floor preparation systems. The Group operates through a global network, offering support to the design and construction community through its regional offices, representatives and distribution channels.

About Penetron Specialty Products

PENETRON Specialty Products (PSP) offers reliable and high-quality products and solutions for the installation of floor coverings in commercial and residential construction. Our surface preparation products ensure optimal installation of virtually any floor covering.

PSP is a recognized innovator in surface preparation and concrete restoration products. Our material specialists work with raw materials suppliers and technology partners to provide high levels of quality and reliability. Our formulations are continuously optimized by evaluating the latest materials research and gathering input from construction professionals. We work closely with our customers to ensure that our products perform consistently and to their expectations.

PSP’s manufacturing facility is located in Allentown, Pennsylvania, close to highways, airports and even a harbor. Our 43,000 square foot facility features the newest blending and packaging systems. Exacting quality control processes have earned us ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001 (environmental standards) certifications.

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