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KINETICWALL & Children’s Museum Win GBA Award For LEED and Sustainability


We are delighted to announce that EXTECH's KINETICWALL is being recognized in Green Building Alliance's GBA 25th Anniversary Award given to the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh for it's achievements in LEED and sustainability!

Green Building Alliance honors 25 projects annually that have significantly advanced the region’s green building movement at the Emerald Evening and GBA 25th Anniversary Awards gala on September 20th.

KINETICWALL & Children’s Museum Win GBA Award For LEED and Sustainability

Awardees were selected for verified innovation in design and maintenance across a diversity of sectors, building types, and project scales, and their collective efforts have elevated sustainable building practices in Western Pennsylvania. Click here to see the list of recipients!

Created and manufactured by EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc., the KINETICWALL is comprised of typically 6-inch flappers that move with the wind, creating an eye-catching aesthetic. It is customizable and can be designed to accommodate a variety of materials. Structurally designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and torrential rainfall, it is light enough to enable easy installation, air flow, and visibility from the inside. The KINETICWALL also reduces solar heat gain, and the spacers between the flappers remove the chance for collateral noise.

We are honored to be recognized among these recipients of the GBA 25th Anniversary Awards. Join us in celebrating these transformative places and spaces as we all strive for a future where every building and community is sustainable so every person can thrive.

See KINETICWALL® Dynamic Facade Product Page

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