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Knauf Insulation Obtains Red List Free Status on the International Living Future Institute’s Declare List

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Knauf Insulation North America, the fastest-growing and one of the most respected insulation companies in the world, announces its participation in the International Living Future Institute’s™ Declare ingredient label program, which is aligned with the Living Building Challenge.

“Living Building Challenge structures are among the most sustainable buildings in the world,” said Scott Miller, director of sustainability at Knauf Insulation North America. “It’s an honor to offer products that are suitable for these buildings.”

The Institute’s Declare program advocates for building product manufacturers to list the ingredients in their products to ensure healthier indoor living environments. The list is similar to nutrition labeling on food packages.

Knauf Insulation has continued its sustainable development by receiving Red List Free status with four of its products in the Institute’s Declare product database. The Institute’s Red List contains materials made with undesirable chemicals, such as fire retardants, and other unwanted and untested chemicals.

With at least 80,000 untested chemicals available, it’s important for building designers to know which chemicals and other materials go into the structures they build. Therefore, Knauf Insulation understands the importance of being a part of the Declare ingredient list program.

“Transparency is part of our product stewardship policy at Knauf Insulation,” Miller said. “The Declare website gives us a platform to both commemorate and demonstrate our leadership in this area.”

The products that are free of Red List ingredients include EcoBatt® Insulation with ECOSE® Technology with facing, EcoBatt® Insulation with ECOSE® Technology without facing, Earthwool™ Pipe Insulation and JetStream Ultra Loosefill Insulation.

“By participating in the Declare program, we can assure the users of our products that we’ve given a lot of thought to what goes into our products,” Miller said. “We believe in demonstrating leadership by aligning with the most sustainable building programs on Earth.”

Knauf Insulation’s Sustainability History
Knauf Insulation is the first fiberglass insulation brand to be listed on the International Living Future Institute’s Declare list. Knauf Insulation is looking to continue this leadership role as LEED introduces its fourth version.

This year, 2013, marks the fifth anniversary for Knauf Insulation’s implementation of ECOSE®(RO) Technology, a plant based binder that replaced phenol and formaldehyde as the industry standard.

“With Knauf Insulation, homes and buildings aren’t just more energy efficient, they are friendly to the families who live in them,” Miller said. “We’re honored to work with third-party sustainability leaders to provide this information to building owners and the thoughtful architects and builders who design and build them.”

About Knauf Insulation
Knauf Insulation is a leading global manufacturer of thermal and acoustical fiberglass insulations for residential, commercial, industrial, OEM and metal building applications. It’s Knauf Insulation’s number one priority to provide products and services that conserve energy and preserve natural resources for a sustainable future. The company’s insulation products have an inherent impact on energy consumption; once in use they save hundreds of times more energy than is required to make them. Knauf Insulation has met the stringent chemical emissions standards to achieve the GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification and is verified to be formaldehyde free.