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Landscape Forms Debuts the Morrison Collection: Lifestyle Furniture for Terrace Life

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Aug 30, 2013

Landscape Forms is pleased to introduce the Morrison Collection, outdoor furniture of refined classic modern design from a master of the genre. Designed by award-winning architect Lionel Morrison, the collection is part of the Terrace Life group of products, Landscape Forms’ lifestyle furniture for terraces, rooftop gardens and other private and protected spaces. Morrison, which includes an elegant high table with stools and a sybaritic wide, low bench, is designed to complement the unique ambiance and quality of social life in these special spaces where architecture and nature meet.

Kirt Martin, Vice President of Design and Marketing for Landscape Forms stated, “We consider it a privilege that this, our newest work, will enhance life that happens in these special spaces. The Morrison Collection is a true statement of our precision in craft.”

Morrison is a study in elegance, clarity and repose. The design is simple. The magic is in the scale, the proportions and the jewel-like execution. Floating aluminum frames create a form language.. Panel inserts in choice of beautifully rendered architectural materials – steel, glass, concrete or wood – provide accent and tone. Aluminum castings finesse connections at intersections, providing a seamless visual experience.

“Architecture and product design are about problem solving with an agenda and our agenda is about elegance – making an aesthetic statement in as few words as possible,” Lionel Morrison explains. “When you are designing something that is simple and unadorned and doesn’t rely on decoration, scale and proportion are very important. We want to create strong, neutral grounds that are animated by human activity. The space turns on and the furniture turns on when you see people using it.”

Morrison2Morrison energizes activity in uncommon ways. The 80” by 40” high table with stools imparts a sense of sophisticated informality, encouraging easy socializing and friendly conversation. (Table is also available in standard height.) The generous 17” high bench is 103” by 45” and is a beautiful foil for activity inspired by the moment. One can lie down and stretch out in solitary repose or sit around its edges in conversation with others. Table-like extensions provide places for a drink, a book or a tablet. Inserts of different materials can be combined and juxtaposed to provide visual and textural interest. Morrison embodies a spirit of intimacy and social vitality in spaces on the other side of the glass wall. It engages the many dimensions of terrace life with assurance and √©lan.

About Landscape Forms

Landscape Forms is the industry leader in integrated collections of high-design site furniture and advanced LED lighting. Since its founding in 1969 Landscape Forms has earned a reputation for excellent design, high quality products and exceptional service. The Landscape Forms U.S. headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan with sales offices throughout North America, the United Kingdom, Southern Europe, the United Arab Emirates and Asia. Landscape Forms collaborates with renowned industrial designers and consultancies, landscape architects, and architects to design and develop integrated collections of products that address emerging needs and help create a sense of place. Additionally, the company has formed global marketing partnerships with select companies that share its commitment to design. Landscape Forms has an installed base of products around the world. Clients include municipalities, transit centers, corporate, college and health care campuses; and familiar brand leaders such as Boeing, Cisco Systems, Disney, Sprint, American Airlines, Herman Miller and Nike. The company was recently named by the Wall Street Journal as one of the Top 15 Small Workplaces in the US. Visit

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