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Lead Wood Blankets From MarShield


MarShield™ has over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of leaded radiation shielding products. We can advise on various materials to use and can supply any confi guration for lead wool blankets to best address your requirements. Lead blankets can be made with a lead plate, but lead wool is the preferred material due to its fl exibility in handling. It consists of fi ne strands of lead from .005 to .015 inch diameter, of varying length. MarShield™ supplies lead wool products in accordance with Federal Specifi cation QQ-C-40 Type II Grade C. We compact this interlaced wool in a random orientation to ensure consistent attenuation without streaming. Where greater shielding is required, multiple blankets can be stacked to achieve a linear reduction in dose rate. Materials used for inner and outer covers can be vinyl-laminated nylon, urethane-laminated nylon, or silicon-impregnated fiberglass fabric (for high temperatures).

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