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Madrax Skateboard Racks

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Got an issue of skateboards being brought into buildings? If they stay with the owner, it's likely they're riding in the hallways and then leaned up against walls, leaving marks. Unless you have skateboard racks.

These give street surfers a secure option to store their skateboards and keeps them from being used within your facility. They're intuitive and simple to use. Meaning they will get used. No special hardware required. They lock using any padlock.

These racks are also versatile in how they're installed. They can be wall-mounted, freestanding or in-ground mounted. Each unit holds up to four standard or longboards. Increase capacity by seamlessly combining units side-by-side, as well as back-to-back.

Make the rack become a cohesive part of your campus by selecting from 16 standard powder coat colors. Got a specific school or business color? Custom colors are also available.

Control traffic and the use of your building with a Madarx Skateboard rack.

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