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Morin Symmetry Roof Systems


Morin Symmetry Roof Systems

MorinĀ® Symmetry roofing systems provide a variety of options:

For the architect/designer, you have unlimited color and texture options and combinations. Options exist for multiple color panel options. This panel comes in multiple heights, and optional ribs provide a design element along with functional benefits.

For the installer, we make it easier for you! We roll-form the panels to the length you need onsite making installation easier. Because the panel is symmetrical - if one is damaged, you can pull that one panel out, without having to remove any others.

Drone footage of the on-site roll forming in KY at a new High School - using the Morin Symmetry Series roofing Panels. This illustrates a delivery system of panels of virtually any length for seamless leak-free installation in roofing.

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