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National Gypsum And Its Products Were Featured On Designing Spaces


Lights, Camera, Action. National Gypsum and its products were featured on Designing Spaces "Think Green program" on the Lifetime Network. If you missed the program, here is a link to the segment: Designing Spaces

Technical Manager Mundise Mortimer discusses our products with show host, Debi Marie. The segment covers the differences between National Gypsum board and defective Chinese wallboard. Mortimer explains why board produced at the Apollo Beach plant is green and how to identify National Gypsum on a jobsite.

The segment was filmed at a home under construction near West Palm Beach, FL. Arrangements for the site were made with the home owner by Sales Representative Tommy Rascoe.

During the segment Debi Marie and Mortimer discuss how Gold Bond® XP Gypsum Board resists mold and mildew, how ProForm® Dust-Tech reduces airborne dust during finishing and how PermaBase® should be used as a backer board in wet areas.

The company's GREENGUARD Certified product offerings were explained. GREENGUARD now tests for 10,000 harmful chemicals.

The program concludes by highlighting the company's long track record for reliable, quality products.

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