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New Easy-Close Mechanism for Accuride's 115RC Linear Track System


A new dampening mechanism for the 115RC Linear Track System slows and controls the motion of components at the end of travel.

Introducing a new option for the versatile 115RC Linear Motion Track System—the 115RC Easy-Close is an easy to install add-on device to help slow and control component movement at the end of travel. This option is designed for lighter loads and has been tested to 250,000 cycles.

In addition to dampening the action on either end of the track’s travel distance, the device has a 3 lb. pull force, which provides enough resistance to hold components in place at either end point. The maximum load that can be dampened is 44 lbs., though installers are recommended to test applications for best results.


  • The 115RC Easy-Close device can be installed at the beginning and end of the track for dampening on either end of the travel device.

  • A 3-lb pull force provides resistance akin to a hold-in detent, holding components in place at the end of travel.

  • Load rating based on a side-mounted track with one ball carriage suspending weight. Load capacity may increase based on multiple dampeners, however applications should be tested to ensure the best performance.

  • Components include connector plate and mechanism.

  • Finish: black plastic and steel
Download the 115RC Easy-Close Specifications Sheet

Download the 115RC Easy-Close Video

What is 115RC Linear Motion Track System

The 115RC Linear Motion Track System is comprised of corrosion resistant, lightweight aluminum tracks and re-circulating ball carriages. The tracks can be side, flat, or vertically mounted and ball bearing carriages are inserted into the tracks to provide movement, guidance, or positioning for items such as screens, panels, or lightweight shelving units in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

The customizable system comes in two standard track lengths—47” and 94”—that may be cut down for smaller spans or butted together to produce greater lengths, virtually without limit. For more information about the 115RC Linear Track System, visit:

About Accuride International

Accuride International is a leader in the design and manufacture of slide solutions for a broad range of applications across a variety of industries. Headquartered in Southern California, the company has other locations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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