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New From Parex: AquaSol, Revolutionary Hydrophobic and Photocatalytic Properties Benefit the Environment

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AquaSol™ is a revolutionary new acrylic finish and coating with enhanced hydrophobic and photocatalytic technology. The unique formulation behind AquaSol is the result of extensive research and development to create an acrylic finish that is water repellent, heat reflective and smog reducing.

With exceptional hydrophobicity, buildings specified with AquaSol are cleaned with rain or any water source. As water hits the finish, it simply beads off the exterior wall and takes any dirt or soil in its path
with it. Buildings remain clean, dry and aesthetically pleasing longer.

The photocatalytic properties in AquaSol initiate an oxidation process that decomposes organic and inorganic pollutants (smog) in the environment. This literally breaks down smog molecules, using nature’s sunlight, creating a cleaner environment.

AquaSol has also been formulated with an exclusive mix of raw materials to reflect the sun’s heat and UV rays. This process reduces the exterior wall surface temperature keeping a building cooler by reflecting up to 15% more UV rays when compared to standard acrylic finishes. This heat reflective technology also contributes to superior fade resistance and durability

“AquaSol demonstrates Parex USA’s ongoing commitment to product innovation,” said Heidi Larsen, Product Manager. “Pairing hydrophobic, heat reflective and photocatalytic technologies, not only provides an aesthetically beautiful product but it is also beneficial to our environment. AquaSol is sure to take the fa├žade industry by storm.”

About Parex USA

Parex, a leading EIFS and coatings manufacturer entered the industry in 1986 with a complete line of EIFS products and a focus on innovation, quality and service. Parex was the first EIFS manufacturer to develop local color tinting programs, offer online AIA Continuing Education programs and introduce an online color formula database.

Parex's technical innovations are backed by the best service in the industry. Architectural plan reviews, same-day color matching, and education forums for designers and applicators are just a few of the ways we lead in service. Our in-house testing laboratories and quality assurance program help to ensure that our products exceed the standards set by EIMA, ASTM, ANSI and other national and international code organization. Parex is committed to being an innovator of advanced products and new technology in the EIFS industry.

With over 175 years of combined industry experience, Parex USA, Inc., a California Corporation, boasts a rich history built on hard work, knowledge, commitment and loyalty.

Today, Parex USA is one of North America's most respected suppliers of building materials. Their dynamic offering of leading brands have been created to support the building industry with exceptional product development and the highest standard of service in the industry, Parex USA is committed to exceeding customer expectations and the demands of an ever changing industry.

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