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New Product From National Gypsum: Gold Bond® e2XP® Interior Extreme®


Gold Bond® BRAND e2XP® Interior Extreme® Gypsum Panel is a moisture and mold resistant gypsum panel designed for interior applications requiring increased resistance to incidental moisture abrasion. e2XP Interior Extreme is manufactured with an enhanced moisture and mold resistant gypsum core and facer. The facer is composed of a coated fiberglass mat which provides superior moisture resistant capabilities. It is produced in 1/2" Regular and 5/8" Fire-Shield® Type X, 4' wide in standard lengths. e2XP Interior Extreme is lightweight, scores and cuts easily and is specially coated on the front, back and sides for easy handling. e2XP Interior Extreme is easily identified by the back facer in National Gypsum's original PURPLE™ color.

Tapered edges allow joints to be reinforced with ProForm® BRAND Joint Tape and concealed with ProForm® BRAND Ready Mix or ProForm® BRAND Quick Set Setting Compounds.

Basic Uses

e2XP Interior Extreme can be used in both wood and metal framed construction for interior wall and ceiling finishing while providing increased moisture and mold resistance.

Designed for use on the interior side of exterior walls, where moisture exposure is more likely.

About National Gypsum

National Gypsum is a fully integrated manufacturer and supplier of building products used worldwide. Primary emphasis is on Gold Bond® BRAND gypsum board; ProForm® BRAND drywall finishing products; PermaBase® BRAND cement board products; e2XP ® Extended Exposure fiberglass mat products; an XP® family of abuse, impact, mold and moisture resistant products; SoundBreak® XP®, an acoustically enhanced gypsum board; and a comprehensive LITE Family of products. For more information, visit

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