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New virtually invisible floor access panel offers attractive and secure design

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Jun 29, 2011

Easy access to under-floor services is vital to any building’s efficient lifecycle maintenance program. However, that access needs to be secure, robust underfoot and, importantly, virtually invisible because an unattractive metal panel in the floor can ruin interior design and attract unwanted attention.

To solve this problem, international manufacturer Howe Green has introduced the 7500 series floor access panel, which blends into the floor with only the very narrow edges visible. This is achieved because the panel’s recessed design can be in-filled with any matching flooring material - from hard finishes such as terrazzo or ceramic tile to sheet floor-coverings such as carpet or vinyl. This creates seamless continuity of the floor design. At the same time, the key locked and double sealed frame will not only protect under-floor services from dirt and floor cleaning fluids but will be secure against public interference. The panel will withstand loads of up to 5 ton.

This aesthetically pleasing and high performance solution is ideal for commercial, retail and public areas where durability and design are paramount. The 7500 series are quick and easy to install and are custom made to order in corrosion resistant stainless steel or aluminum.

New flexible-floor access cover helps prevent soft-sheet flooring from peeling and curling eliminating trips and falls.

Access to under-floor services for inspection and maintenance is essential for any well-run facility. However when the access hatch is located in the center of soft-sheet flooring such as linoleum, rubber or PVC there is a real danger that cleaning fluids and foot traffic can cause the sheet flooring to detach from the sub-floor and to peel up. This is likely to create a trip and fall hazard and will cause the flooring material to deteriorate rapidly.

To help prevent this, access hatch experts, Howe Green have introduced the Visedge panel, which has been created specifically to allow access to essential services while keeping the floor surface safe and secure. Designed for use singly, in continuous duct runs or as multi-part pit covers, Visedge allows the sheet flooring to be bonded and welded to the edge of the cover rather than just glued to the sub-floor. This creates a permanent join that keeps liquids out and the surface down. The access panels are double sealed and locked to prevent unauthorized tampering and are designed to be in-filled with the surround flooring material rendering them virtually invisible. Visedge is quick and easy to install and is made from corrosion resistant aluminum and galvanized steel.

About Howe Green
Howe Green is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high performance floor, wall and ceiling access hatches. The company has developed an outstanding brand name and a worldwide reputation for quality, customer care and service. For over 25 years Howe Green has been at the forefront of design and innovation in this highly specialized architectural building products sector.

Howe Green access panels, entrance matting systems and linear drainage solutions are used in all types of locations including airports and public transportation facilities, factories, hospitals, hotels, offices, schools and universities, shopping centers, entertainment complexes, leisure centers and swimming pools.

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