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Noise Control with Lead from MarShield


Noise can destroy hearing, create physical and psychological stress and contribute to accidents by making it impossible to hear warning signals. One of the most effective noise solutions is SHEET LEAD.
Why? SHEET LEAD is limp and dense which any good sound barrier must be. It cannot be easily set in vibration, does not resonate or “ring”, hence it cannot radiate sound.
SHEET LEAD is easy to work with. You can:

  • Fold it, form it, and crimp it around pipes, wires and ducts – by hand.
  • Cut it with a knife or shears.
  • Staple or nail it to other surfaces.
  • Readily join it with adhesives or tape.

    Especially where space is at a premium dense, limp SHEET LEAD is the most effective noise barrier material. SHEET LEAD surpasses any other material as the ideal sound barrier.

  • 1. Sheet Lead
  • 2. Lead Shot
  • 3. Lead Lined Drywall
  • 4. Lead Lined Plywood
  • 5. Lead Bricks
  • 6. Lead Lined Doors & Windows

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About MarShield

For 35 years, MarShield™ has been providing a complete range of products for the Medical and Nuclear industries including: Lead Shields and Barriers, Lead Aprons, Lead-Lined Blankets and Curtains, Lead Bricks and Sheet, Lead-Lined Doors, Lead Glass, Windows and Lead-Lined Frames; Lead Lined Cabinets and many other types of radiation shielding – all of which can be conveniently ordered individually or in quantity. And when it comes to Safety standards, MarShield™ is recognized for our high attention to detail and safety.

When failure is not an option and success must be absolutely assured, MarShield™ is a name to be trusted now and in the future. Visit our website or contact us at 1-800-381-5335.

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