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About Oakcraft, Inc.


Oakcraft, Inc.

City, state:
Peoria, AZ
Postal code:
PO Box:
PO Box 730
United States
(623) 412-1901
(623) 412-2408

From its humble beginnings, with five employees in a rented warehouse, the company has grown to become one of the larger cabinet manufacturers in the Western United states. It now occupies a 110,000 square foot (and growing!) manufacturing facility in Peoria, Arizona, in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The company employs approximately 200 people who are dedicated to the pursuit of quality workmanship, personal development, and service to our community.

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(12350) Specialty Casework
(11 27 00) Photographic Processing Equipment
(11 78 00) Mortuary Equipment
  (12 35 00) Specialty Casework
(12 35 30.13) Kitchen Casework
(12 35 50.13) Educational Casework

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