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Parex DPR Sand Best

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DPR SB is a high grade, 100% acrylic-based textured fi nish that will leave your project with a beautiful, consistent color that will last for years.


  • 5 gallon pail/ 65 lb.
  • DPR chemistry
  • Integrally colored with high quality pigments
  • Low VOC
  • Provides high resistance to accumulation of dirt, mold, and pollutants
  • Protects and cleans with water
  • Reduces maintenance and recoating
  • Exceeds ASTM and ICC criteria

Parex DPR Sand Best

Wear Resistance
In test after test, Parex finishes endure: washout resistance, peel adhesion, wet abrasion. For instance, when a stiff brush scrubs back and forth 2000 times over a wet Parex sample, only 4.4% of the sample’s weight is lost.

Weather Resistant
Parex 100% acrylic formulation allows vapor to permeate the layers of the system, while the film created by the acrylic polymers in the finish resists damaging UV rays.

Weather Resistance
Parex chemistry triumphs over the weather. The 100% acrylic formulation does not trap water vapor beneath it. At the same time, the film created by the acrylic polymers in the finish resists damaging UV rays, freeze/thaw cycling, and acid rain. The pigments in Parex finishes are all 100% exterior-grade for maximum colorfastness and UV resistance.

Consistent color, Rust-free finish
From the beginning, Parex has used marble aggregates as the texturing stone in all finishes. The white, bright marble improves color stability and consistency while providing sharper and cleaner looking colors than those of finishes based on other types of aggregates. No other aggregate yields consistent color like pure white marble. Using marble also eliminates the tiny iron mineral particles found in quartz sand, which can rust and streak as humidity and rain take their toll on buildings. Parex marble aggregates are rust-free.


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