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Patent Granted for Gridlock Glass Block System


EXTECH/Exterior Technologies Inc. is proud to announce that a U.S. patent has been granted for their 2100GL Snap-In Gridlock™ Glass Block system. The Gridlock™ Glass Block System has revolutionized the use of glass blocks in walls and windscreens. Primary applications for this system include transit shelters or windscreens for buses, trains and other public transportation systems. Additionally the system can be used for interior partition walls or other decorative applications.

Patent Granted for Gridlock Glass Block System

The Snap-In Gridlock™ Glass Block system was designed specifically for ease of installation and maintenance. The nearly-unbreakable 2" thick solid glass blocks snap securely into place without the use of sealants or adhesives. Unlike traditional mortared systems, should the block break, broken pieces are easily removed and a new block is simply snapped into seconds! Installation and maintenance are quick and easy using EXTECH's lightweight, prefabricated aluminum frames with no exposed fasteners. With no ledges to collect dirt and debris, and superior graffiti resistance, cleaning requires only a simple pressure wash. Unlike mortared systems, joints will not deteriorate, effloresce, collect dirt or discolor.

Use your imagination to create practical or visually appealing and artistic opportunities. Gridlock™ framing is adaptable to various opening sizes including long structural spans. The clean, narrow sightlines are available in frames of unlimited colors. Block options include etched or back screened (painted). Clear blocks can provide a high degree of visual clarity, durability and attractiveness. Whatever you choose, EXTECH’s Gridlock™ Glass Block System offers a solution that is both practical and distinctive.

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