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Pentagon Parking Protected by Penetron


The renovation, repair and expansion of a concrete parking garage in Stockholm, Sweden, which was exposed to the harsh Scandinavian climate, was completed May 2017 with the application of PENETRON waterproofing materials.

Because water and waterborne contaminants penetrate concrete mainly through capillary absorption and hydrostatic pressure, countering this problem demands a molecular solution. Used for repair and renovation of existing concrete structures, PENETRON’s topically applied crystalline materials help eliminate water penetration into cracks, voids and fissures found in concrete.

Working at the Pentagon: The first step was to quickly stop countless active leaks in the concrete foundation slab with PENEPLUG, then sealing the remaining cracks with PENETRON MORTAR.
Working at the Pentagon: The first step was to quickly stop countless active leaks in the concrete foundation slab with PENEPLUG, then sealing the remaining cracks with PENETRON MORTAR.

“PENETRON-treated structures generally have greatly reduced maintenance and repair costs and outlast untreated structures,” notes Robert Moen, Director of PEN-TEC (the PENETRON arm in Scandinavia). “That’s why PENETRON crystalline technology has been widely applied to parking garage projects that are exposed to the harsh climate typical for our region. The IKEA parking garage just down the street from Pentagon is only the most recent example of our success with this type of project.”

The Pentagon parking garage, connected to the eponymous shopping center, is located in Kungens Kurva, Sweden's largest commercial district and part of metropolitan Stockholm. The three-floor facility has an underground level and provides room for approximately 230 automobiles.

Shortly after the garage opened, an unexpectedly powerful groundwater surge provoked heavy leakage along numerous cracks in the 7,000 m2 (75,400 square feet) foundation slab. The ensuing repair work included halting the profuse, active leaks and repairing damaged and weathered concrete elements. New construction added a top-floor parking area.

Initially, about 3,000 m (9,900 feet) of cracks with active leaks in the concrete foundation slab were sealed with PENEPLUG, a rapid-setting cementitious compound that works quickly. The cracks were then cleaned and filled with PENECRETE MORTAR to provide permanent protection against any further water ingress. Damaged concrete surfaces were smoothed out and waterproofed with an application of PENETRON slurry on both the below-grade (about 1.4 m below the groundwater level) and above-ground floors to provide permanent waterproofing. The new concrete poured for the expanded top floor area was treated with PENETRON ADMIX.

“The PENETRON treatment will keep water and road salt (chlorine) out of the concrete, which eliminates the primary cause of the previous deterioration,” adds Mr. Moen. “The renovated parking structure is now assured increased durability and a longer service life.”

“Due to their exposure to the elements, parking garages have become a bit of a specialty for PENETRON,” notes Robert Revera, President and CEO of The PENETRON Group. “PENETRON’s crystalline technology provides excellent performance for these construction projects.”

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