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Prefabricated Panels Bring Style and Sustainability to Multi-family Housing


The owner of a new multifamily housing community, Penn Terra Group, wanted to bring comfort, style and sustainability to an affordable housing project that faced strict cost limits. Investments in eco-friendly features such as geothermal heating had to provide a maximum return on investment. And the simplified structure had to be durable, long-lasting and look great.

Prefabricated Panels Bring Style and Sustainability to Multi-family Housing

Solid General Contractors, Inc., architectural firm, NewGround Canada, and SkyRise Prefab Building Solutions used Penn Terra Group’s vision and requirements to collaborate on the new multifamily community. It was determined Sto Panel Technology® would provide a fully engineered, tested, code compliant prefabricated wall panel system that would meet all the needs, as well as provide an aesthetically pleasing structure.

SkyRise Prefab engineered, manufactured, and installed 75,813 sq.ft. of StoPanel Classic NExT ci panels with 3” of GPS continuous insulation to create a thermally efficient building envelope on the 127-unit housing community in St. Catharines, Ontario. StoPanel Classic NExT ci is a lightweight prefabricated panel that is energy efficient and durable, with continuous insulation, StoGuard® waterproof air barrier and the patented “Sto Wedge” to provide an integral means of drainage and has a wide range of aesthetic possibilities.

In addition, when unexpected ground conditions delayed foundation installation, SkyRise Prefab was able to compress the building enclosure schedule by premanufacturing the panels offsite in an environmentally controlled factory. When the structure was ready for installation of the building envelope, the prefabricated panels were shipped to the jobsite and installed in a matter of weeks, significantly faster than traditional field-built construction methods.

For visual appeal, several finishes were selected to enhance the features of the building. StoCreativ® Granite provided a high-end finish with texture and depth of natural granite, all the while providing a durable and low maintenance wall surface. StoSignature® Stone created a one-of-a-kind limestone textured wall by using a specific application technique with Sto high quality finishes.

StoCast Brick was also used on this project to achieve the brick aesthetic at a more competitive cost than traditional masonry. StoCast Brick is a highly customizable and versatile facade aesthetic that can be used in a variety of Sto Engineered wall systems. It is flexible, lightweight, sustainable, and durable, which adds up to the perfect combination for functional and decorative façade design. StoCast Brick is the ideal solution when the project calls for either a traditional or customized brick look, and is easily applied at the job site, or in this case in offsite construction on the prefabricated exterior wall panels.

“StoCast Brick uses the same technology as Sto’s traditional acrylic finishes and therefore allows for nearly endless possibilities for customized designs,” said Karine Galla, Senior Product Manager for Sto Corp. “StoCast Brick is more lightweight than even thin brick, generating a lower carbon footprint by reducing the energy used in the manufacturing and transportation processes, cutting down waste and allowing for greater conservation of natural resources.”
Using Sto, SkyRise Prefab was able to deliver and meet the owner’s aesthetic and performance requirements. A variety of looks was achieved with StoCast Brick and Stolit Finishes while using one building envelope system, StoTherm Classic NExT ci panels, ensuring the continuity and compatibility of all the elements within the building envelope.

The result is an eco-friendly building, completed on schedule, that tenants can be comfortable and proud to live in.

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