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About Premix-Marbletite Manufacturing Co.


Premix-Marbletite Manufacturing Co.

325 Old Sanford Oviedo Road
City, state:
Winter Springs, FL
Postal code:
33122 show map
United States
(800) 432-5539

Welcome to Premix-Marbletite Manufacturing Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Imperial Industries, Inc. Established in the mid 1950's with two manufacturing plants in Florida, we are the oldest manufacturer of stucco, plaster, and pool products in the state. Our manufacturing facilities, located in Pompano Beach and Winter Springs, advantageously position us to efficiently produce and deliver to market a broad product mix. Our focus is to develop and market products that provide installed per square foot value benefits. At the same time, with advanced installation compliance practices in mind, we strive to have our products remain user and environment friendly.

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(07240) Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)
(09210) Gypsum Plaster
(09220) Portland Cement Plaster
(09940) Decorative Finishes
(09969) Graffiti Resistant Coatings
(07 24 00) Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems
(09 23 00) Gypsum Plastering
  (09 23 13) Acoustical Gypsum Plastering
(09 23 82) Fireproof Gypsum Plastering
(09 24 00) Cement Plastering
(09 24 13) Adobe Finish
(09 26 00) Veneer Plastering
(09 26 13) Gypsum Veneer Plastering