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Proceq’s Hygropin Concrete Moisture Meter Sets New Industry Standard

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Mar 04, 2011

Proceq continues its advanced product development commitment by the addition of the Hygropin Moisture Meter to a formidable line of concrete testing instruments. The Proceq Hygropin is the industry’s easiest, most accurate, and least invasive method to quickly identify moisture content in concrete floor slab.

Excess moisture in concrete can be disastrous to a floor covering installation. To prevent mildew and major damage, the flooring industry requires precise technology to check concrete for moisture prior to installing floor coverings or coatings. The moisture content inside the concrete is different than that on the surface. Surface-based testing methods only measure up to 20 mm (¾”) at best and are not an accurate solution.

The Proceq Hygropin is the only moisture meter to utilize simultaneously both in-situ and ambient probes. This combination offers the most precise interior measurement of relative humidity and temperature of concrete in the industry. The in-situ technique has proven to be the most reliable method of moisture testing since it measures directly where the moisture hides ¬−¬¬ below the surface of the concrete. At a diameter of 5 mm, the in-situ probe is the smallest available sensor on the market, drastically minimizing damage to the concrete surface. The ambient probe, directly connected to the instrument, simplifies the capturing of environmental parameters. The Hygropin is able to display the results of these two independent sensor channels showing ambient and concrete characteristics simultaneously, calculating psychrometric parameters and the difference between the values measured by the two probes.

Paul Siwek, Marketing Manager at the U.S. Gurnee, Illinois location, is confident of the Hygropin’s unique product features. “The Proceq Hygropin concrete moisture meter’s small sensor minimizes damage to the surface and reduces the installation efforts immensely. With an accuracy range of ±1.5% RH, the Hygropin is able to deliver measurements to the finest degree.”

With the small air volume of the measuring sleeve and the extreme fast reaction time of the in-situ probe, the Hygropin is able to reach stable values within five minutes. This is by far the fastest leap frogging time available. The Hygropin is the only moisture meter to display when stable temperatures and humidity values are reached to prevent taking false readings caused by insufficient equilibration time.

Hygropin Moisture Meter Unique Features and Benefits:

  • Two independent instrument probes that can measure ambient and concrete characteristics simultaneously.
  • The in-situ probe diameter of 5 mm is the smallest available, minimizing surface damage.
  • In-situ probe results appear within five minutes.
  • Trend indicators show when stable temperature and humidity values are reached.
  • The Hygropin is the only moisture meter to offer a USB interface.
  • Allows up to 10,000 logs, more than five times what is available by the closest competitor.
  • Provides highly accurate temperature and relative humidity readings:
    • In situ probe: ± 0.3°C, 1.5% RH
    • Ambient probe: ± 0.1°C, 0.8% RH

Proceq provides complete service and technical support through its global network and support facilities. The Hygropin is backed by Proceq’s standard 2-year warranty on all electronic parts with an extended warranty option available.
Visit Proceq’s website at for additional information and documentation about the Hygropin Moisture Meter.

About Proceq

Founded in 1954, Switzerland-based Proceq manufactures quality nondestructive portable testing instruments for metal hardness, concrete properties and paper roll hardness. Proceq invented the Equotip portable metal hardness tester and the world’s first portable concrete test hammer, the Schmidt hammer. The SilverSchmidt portable concrete test hammer belongs to the latest generation of Schmidt hammers. Proceq also produces other concrete test equipment, such as the Profometer 5+/Profoscope rebar detector and covermeter, the Canin+ Corrosion Analyzing Instrument and the Pundit Ultrasonic Instrument line.

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