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Project From Stromberg: Alabama School of Mathematics & Science


The Alabama School of Mathematics and Science is a high school created by a special act of the state legislature to offer advanced courses for sophomores, juniors, and seniors in mathematics, science, and the humanities.

The campus was created from what was originally a Baptist church in Mobile and the facilities have seen a constant series of updates and renovations throughout the years as classrooms, laboratories and dormitories were added. In 2006, the existing Student Activities Center was demolished to make room for the new Ann Smith Bedsole Building. This building houses a library, reception area, several classrooms and offices, a coffee room, TV room, and games room.

Stromberg Architectural Products supplied columns for this new construction in six different sizes. Stromberg has been producing first class columns for more than a quarter-century and is well-versed in the stylistic changes through different historical eras. The columns at ASMS were fabricated from Stromberg’s signature Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC). Using this material, Stromberg effectively delivers a completely realistic heavy stone element, only GFRC is actually much lighter, far easier to ship and install, and does all of this without making a sacrifice in durability. Stromberg GFRC products have borne the brunt of Category 5 hurricanes and emerged virtually unscathed. Stromberg Architectural Products has refined the composition of GFRC over decades to become the worldwide industry leader in GFRC fabrication and renovation.

About Stromberg Architectural Products, Inc.

Stromberg Architectural Products creates custom products in Cast Stone, GFRP, GFRC and GFRG. Website includes downloadable CAD files, project and product picture galleries and more.

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