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Project Report: New York Psychotherapy and Counseling Center

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This two-story, 19,000-square-foot expansion transformed a former singlestory warehouse into the home of one of the New York Psychotherapy and Counseling Center’s (NYPCC) Child and Family Mental Health Centers.

The Bushwick Center has become a figurative and literal symbol of promise for the under-served thanks to the two new floors clad in Kalwall translucent sandwich panels. The panels serve as a symbolic, signature feature, glowing softly at night and creating an illuminated neighborhood landmark.

The NYPCC has been providing outpatient services to children, adolescents and adults since 1974 with the mission of improving the quality of life for individuals with behavioral and emotional challenges. The use of Kalwall reflects this mission by bringing proven health benefits to building occupants.

Diffuse natural light bathes the interior of the Center’s upper spaces to create a calming atmosphere that has a profound effect on physical and mental states. Kalwall’s full-spectrum daylight was chosen to improve mood, mental awareness and visual clarity, leading to a decrease in eyestrain, headaches and insomnia.

Taking advantage of daylight modeling technology, the translucent building envelope helps reduce shadows, hotspots and glare throughout the building while meeting target light levels. It provides broad line-of-sight protection to patients within, while still providing a view to the outdoors through unitized windows. Finally, the Kalwall system boosts energy savings by reducing
reliance on artificial lighting and providing superior thermal properties to control HVAC loads.

The project was designed by Bromley Caldari Architects of New York City, which has incorporated Kalwall in past work. Mark Lipman was the Kalwall representative who worked on the project.

“We worked with a subcontractor who had never installed Kalwall,” Lipman says. “Our installation services team was able to work with them and provide the guidance for a flawless install.” The renovation project was completed without interrupting the Center’s regular working hours.

As a lightweight, modular system, Kalwall allows for rapid and cost-efficient installation, requiring minimal manpower, substructure and time on site. Interiors are pre-finished with Kalwall, eliminating the need for drywalling, painting or other work. Its surface is easily cleaned with soap and water.

Kalwall systems have a decades-long lifespan with technology that does not fail like insulated glass and exceeds stringent energy codes for future-proofed construction. The NYPCC will be a beacon of community hope for generations to come.

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