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Project Showcase: Westport Middle-High School, Westport, MA


Project Showcase: Westport Middle-High School, Westport, MA

Built on the former site of the old Westport Middle School, the new Westport Middle-High School is an 860-student two-story public educational building designed to reflect new understandings in education for grades 5 to 12. With an emphasis on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) education, the ground floor includes a maker space, fabrication labs, and childcare vocational spaces.


Tailored to the character of its South Coast community and its ambitious vision for contemporary education, the new Westport Middle-High School’s innovative ‘butterfly’ plan deploys four academic wings functioning as small-scale learning communities off an efficient centralized core. The 2-story, 185,000-square-foot school combines a middle and high school zoned in the four wings serving grades 5 through 12.

The brick chosen for the project's extended front facade and public-facing elevations consists of The Belden Brick Company’s utility and quad 470-479 Medium Range Smooth. The brick was manufactured with a series of false joint units scored and blended in various patterns and designed to be laid in 2-story panels to increase efficiency by minimizing detailing intrusions of lintels and flashings. The brick panels are set in rhythm with 2-story classroom bay windows.


The long facade is interrupted in the center with gracefully arcing brick walls that bend to create the entrance. The visually warm brick is welcoming with narrow, elegant 2-story brick piers and glazing for the administration areas adjacent to the entrance. The understated design with a classic, enduring material retains a modern sensibility fitting the vision of 21st-century learning.

The masterful use of materials, details, and value-focused planning resulted in a community asset that projects design excellence and energy efficiency while representing the lowest cost per square foot and with great success. The results will speak for themselves for decades to come.

Architect: Jonathan Levi Architects
General Contractor: Agostini Construction
Mason: Fernandes Masonry, Inc.
Brick Distributor: Spaulding Brick
Photography: © Paul Warchol

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