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Promote Child Safety with the FlexShade Recharge EZ-Lift Option


Promote Child Safety with the FlexShade Recharge EZ-Lift Option

Manually operated window shades are a popular choice in many settings because they are less expensive than motorized solutions. However, shades with cords and chains that are not properly tensioned present a choking hazard for small children.

That’s why Draper® has added a new control option to the FlexShade® Recharge battery-operated window shade. The EZ-Lift option does what other motorized shades can’t: it brings motorization to projects where budget has previously been a barrier.

A rigid control wand is attached to the shade and operates with a simple button press. The battery is rechargeable and accepts any micro-USB charger, so you’ll never have the expense and labor of replacement. And with no wiring, installation is less expensive. The FlexShade Recharge with EZ-Lift motor installs like a manual shade!

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