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Ray-Bar Engineering Neutron Shielding Products

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Ray-Bar Neutron Shielded Doors

Lead Lined and/or Borated Polyethylene (BPE) filled cores with steel faces and edges, manufactured to customer specifications in new or retro-fit applications. These doors are custom manufactured to suit each individual linear accelerator requirement based on energy output (MeV), gamma and/or neutron radiation types, orientation to radiation sources, primary beam configuration and overall room maze or direct designs. Manufactured as sliding or hinged doors and weighing up to 40,000 lbs. each.

Ray-Bar Neutron Shielded Doors,High Radiation Doors and Linear Accelerator Vault Doors meet all applicable requirements of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements NCRP report# 51 "Radiation Protection Design Guidelines for 0.1-100 MeV Particle Accelerator Facilities" and NCRP report# 151 "Structural Shielding Design and Evaluation for Megavoltage X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Radiotherapy Facilities".

Door composition requirements must be determined by a qualified health radiation physicist expert as defined by local and national codes.

Neutron Putty

Neutron putty is used for filling voids in neutron shielding applications. Neutron putty has excellent malleable and pliable properties for molding around pipes or filling gaps and voids for shielding certain aspects of thermal or fast neutrons. It contains 10% boron and high hydrogen content to efficiently attenuate thermal neutrons or fast neutrons.

Borated Flex Panels

Borated Flex Panels are lightweight, extremely flexible and easy to cut or shape with 9% boron and hydrogen content. Typically utilized for shielding high-energy neutrons. Panels are available 3/8" thick 48" x 48" square.

Borated polyethylene sheets

  • Borated polyethylene (BPE) composite shielding material with 5% boron content
  • Provides a dependable shielding value through its uniform formula and homogeneous composition
  • Durable and lightweight for ease of installation and longevity of use
  • Available in 1" (25mm) thicknesses and cut sizes up to 48" x 96"(1200mm x 2400mm)
  • Also available in higher density self-extinguishing fire-resistive compositions
  • Excellent attenuation of thermal neutrons due to boron content
  • Fast neutrons shielded by high hydrogen content
  • Significant reduction in capture-gamma dose
  • Shielding effectiveness: thermal neutrons: good, fast neutrons: good; gamma: poor; capture gamma: good.
  • Additional technical shielding information available upon customer request.

Borated Polyethylene Pellets

  • Light weight thermal or fast neutron shielding
  • Easy to pour into hard to shield voids
  • Provides 50% of equivalent solid BPE
Borated polyethylene pellets are available with 5% boron or 0.7% boron content, and also classified as "self-extinguishing" utilizing the testing methods of ASTM test D-635 for Flammability of Self Supporting Plastics and ASTM D-2863 test for Flammability of Plastics Using Oxygen Index Method. These pellets provide a bulk density of about 50% of what solid BPE would provide. Please contact Ray-Bar if you require additional information.

Borated Polyethylene Shavings

Borated polyethylene shavings: for filling voids in neutron shielded applications. Borated Polyethylene shavings are available with 5% boron content and utilized for packing and filling in very small voids, gaps or joints between solid BPE sheets to assist in neutron shielding continuity.

High Density Concrete Blocks

High density concrete blocks are available in many compositions and densities up to 300 lbs./cubic foot for shielding both gamma and neutron radiation.

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