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Bollards > Lighted

Perimeter security and reliable illumination.

Reliance Foundry’s lighted bollards are durable, secure, and stylish. While acting as prominent visual and physical barriers, lighted bollards also provide illumination to increase visibility and safety for parking lots, trails, pathways, and entrances. Reliance Foundry’s line of bollard lights offers both solar and hardwired options. Enhance safety and wayfinding with outdoor bollard lights.

Hardwired Bollards

Hardwired lighted bollards offer precise, controlled lighting regardless of site and weather conditions. Reliance Foundry’s hardwired lights project downward to minimize light pollution.

With an electrical power source, hardwired bollards can be counted on to provide lighted perimeters or pathway illumination year-round. Composed of steel with aluminum caps, hardwired bollards have resilient exteriors for outdoor conditions. Durable powder coating is also available in 6 standard colors. View Hardwired Bollards

Solar Bollards

Solar bollards require no electrical power source and are perfect for green building initiatives. Reliance Foundry solar bollards are robust, and since they do not rely on an electrical grid, they can be safely installed virtually anywhere with access to sunlight, even near bodies of water.

Solar bollards are self-contained and unaffected by power or service interruptions. They require minimal maintenance and their lithium batteries do not need to be replaced for up to 10 years. Reduce long-term energy costs with solar-powered bollards. View Solar Bollards

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Brochures for Bollards > Lighted

Brochures for Bollards > Lighted
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Bollards Brochure
Bollards provide visual and physical barriers for safer, more controlled environments—without detracting from the building and landscape aesthetics. Reliance Foundry offers many types of bollards for a range of decorative and functional applications.
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3-Part CSI specifications for Bollards > Lighted

3-Part CSI specifications for Bollards > Lighted
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Bollards Specifications
Construction Specifications for Bollards and Bollard Covers (CSI/CSC Format)
DOC 3.9 MB Download

CAD details for Bollards > Lighted

CAD details for Bollards > Lighted
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Bollards CAD Downloads
Product Drawings, Autocad Drawings, CSI Construction Specifications, Google SketchUp

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Reliance Foundry Offers Reduced Pricing on Powerful and Intelligent Solar Lighting Bollards (Mar 14, 2013)

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