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Reliance Foundry Introduces New Bike Locker that Offers the Perfect Balance of Style and Security


Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd., North America’s premier supplier of bike racks, bollards, and custom castings, announced the next step in the development of its secure bike-parking line today with the launch of the model R-8281Bike Locker. An innovative storage system, the model R-8281 bike locker melds a secure box-like construction with a stylish design that will complement modern streetscapes and provide an unsurpassed level of security. In Reliance Foundry’s model R-8281 bike locker, top quality materials, a functional design, and eye-catching aesthetics all come together to make a bike-parking solution that will offer the highest standard in secure bicycle storage.

“Today’s streetscapes demand an increase in the level of bike storage security along with a style that does not disrupt the architectural approach,” says Len Cranmore, Product Manager at Reliance Foundry, “so we developed a bike locker that would provide cyclists with ‘peace of mind’ while highlighting surrounding architecture.”

Reliance Foundry’s new model R-8281 bike locker features a modern design and it increases accessibility at businesses and in communities, while setting riders minds at ease. Its secure design protects bicycles from the elements as well as thieves and vandals and its high-quality construction makes it the ideal choice for areas where extended storage is required, like transportation centers and malls. The model R-8281 can be finished with six different powder-coating options and it promotes an avant-garde style that will highlight contemporary architecture. It is a stylish bike parking device but its design integrity is what sets it apart from competitive bike lockers. For the level of weather and vandalism resistance it provides, powder-coated steel is recognized as the top material choice for bike lockers. The model R-8281 is constructed from high grade steel and it contains no plastic or wood parts. Air slats are a unique feature, on this bike locker, that promote air circulation and prevent water from being trapped inside. They also allow the contents of the locker to be seen from the outside which hinders misuse of the locker. Adding to the top-notch design is the model R-8281’s spacious interior. It is larger than that of competitive models and allows for the storage of additional cycling equipment like locks, lights and panniers. The model R-8281 can be easily installed on new or existing concrete surfaces and it virtually eliminates the threat of theft and vandalism. The new model R-8281 is a stylish bike parking solution that provides the highest standard in bike parking security.

“We wanted to create an extremely secure bike parking system that would not detract from its surrounding architecture,” says Reliance Foundry Vice President, Brad Done; “With the newly designed model R-8281 bike locker, we mixed the best elements of bicycle security with an attractive architectural form that would look good on every streetscape.”
Reliance Foundry’s newly designed model R-8281 bike locker provides bike storage with the optimal level of weather resistance and protection from theft and vandalism. It mixes an aesthetically-pleasing design with functional security that thwarts the efforts of would-be thieves and vandals. Its contemporary style will complement modern architecture while showcasing a business` commitment to green initiatives and healthy lifestyles. Orders can be placed now for shipment in the Fall of 2013.

About Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.

Reliance Foundry offers an extensive line of decorative bollards, bike parking products and custom steel and iron castings.

At Reliance Foundry, a commitment to innovation has allowed us to adapt to the changing needs of our customers for 85 years. With a catalog that currently features bollards, bike racks, industrial wheels and custom steel and custom castings, this commitment has allowed us to grow from limited manufacturer to global supplier. Reliance Foundry’s storied history began in 1927 and today, we remain committed to delivering metal products that meet the evolving needs of contemporary businesses and communities.

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