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Reliance Foundry Releases Bolt-Down Bollards


Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd., North America’s premier supplier of bollards, bike racks, and custom castings, announced extremely versatile additions to its line of surface-mount bollards today with the introduction of two new bolt-down bollards. Extremely easy to install and featuring a versatile style, they can be used on almost any concrete surface to coincide with virtually any architectural approach. Reliance Foundry’s new bolt-down bollards are a cost-effective solution for providing low-impact protection for equipment, merchandise and personnel. They are highly durable, architecturally versatile and can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.

“These are a very convenient solution for protecting valuable equipment,” says Len Cranmore, Product Manager at Reliance Foundry. “Simply mark the intended position and secure the bolt-down bollard with bolts to create a clearly marked out perimeter” Reliance Foundry stocks two models of bolt-down bollards: the 36” high model R-7236 surface-mount bollard and the 42” high model R-7242 bolt-down bollard. Both models are constructed from highly-durable, schedule 40 steel and feature an 8” x 8” flanged base (or base plate). Six different powder-coated color options are available. The durable finish it provides means that Reliance Foundry’s bolt-down bollards require little in terms of ongoing maintenance. Reliance Foundry’s all-new bolt-down bollards feature a simplistic and functional style that allows them to coincide with any architectural motif. Perfect for sacrificial bollard applications, they are easily installed to create pronounced, low-impact visual perimeters that protect valuable equipment that lies in high-traffic areas. If they are struck or knocked over they can be repaired or re-installed quite simply and their economical price means that replacing them won’t break the bank. Reliance Foundry’s bolt-down bollards are an easily-installed, cost-sensitive and architecturally versatile solution for protecting electrical circuit boxes, gas meters, the sides of overhead doors and almost any other industrial or retail equipment. “Bolt-down bollards make sense for a lot of projects because of how easy they are to install and the excellent return on investment they provide,” says Reliance Foundry’s Sales Manager, Rick Pasternak. “One prevented accident will often save the entire cost of these bollards.” Both models of bolt down bollards by Reliance Foundry are now kept in stock and are available for shipment immediately. They are installed in the exact same manner as all of Reliance Foundry’s decorative, surface-mounted bollards: Bolt-down bollards do not require a professional for installation and can be installed in a matter of minutes by virtually anyone. For technical specifications and to view the new bolt-down bollards, please visit Reliance Foundry’s online asset protection bollard catalog.

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