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Revolving Doors for Supermarkets and Shopping Centers by Boon Edam


An inviting entrance

The entrance to your store creates a powerful first impression. Your entrance should offer a warm welcome to customers while enhancing the identity of your store. We can help you give your entrance precisely the look it needs.

Customer flow

You want your customer flow to be fast, efficient, relaxed and safe. Our entrance solutions ensure that it is. Regardless of how many people enter your store – with or without trolleys, come rain or shine. Of course, you don’t want to allow people to leave your store without paying. With our security barriers we make sure that they leave through the checkout.

Climate control

You can’t influence the weather, but you can keep it out of your store. A revolving door creates the optimum transition between the cilimate outside and inside. It’s always open, yet always closed: open for your customers, but closed to all the dirt, noise and weather outside. With a revolving door you also gain valuable floor space, because the area directly behind it can be used as well. A pleasant atmosphere in your store will keep your customers happy and reduce absenteeism through illness among your employees. They will feel more comfortable and therefore work more productively.

Return on Investment

With a revolving door you save a lot of energy. The energy that would be used on heating or cooling your store if you had a type of door that cannot be permanently ‘closed’. The revolving door is clearly the most environmentally friendly entrance solution. What’s more, by saving energy, you save money. In general, a revolving door pays for itself within a couple of years.

You want to make it easy for customers to enter your store, and for them to feel at ease once they’re there. Our revolving doors may well be just the solution you seek. They allow people to enter and leave your store quickly and safely. Regardless of weather, customer flows or time of day. These high-tech doors minimize air infiltration, providing an optimal climate inside that keeps your products fresh, your customers happy and your staff healthy. And, what’s more, they cut your energy costs.

Advantages of revolving doors for supermarkets and shopping centers

  • High capacity
  • Saving energy costs (winter and summer)
  • Optimal inside climate control
  • Eliminating drafts
  • Easy accessibility for shopping trolleys and disabled
  • Image booster
  • Optimal use of floor space

    Security solutions

    We also provide sophisticated security solutions for shop entrances. With our security barriers you make sure that your customers leave at the checkout.

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