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Rigs to Reefs (BOEMRE)

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Rigs-to-Reefs is a term used for converting obsolete, nonproductive offshore oil and gas structures to designated artificial reefs. From research and assessment of the environmental effects of oil and gas leasing and development, there is a profound and pervasive connection between fish, fishing, and oil and gas structures in the marine environment. The Department of the Interior’s (DOI), Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE), is the federal agency responsible for overseeing the safe and environmentally responsible development of energy and mineral resources on the Outer Continental Shelf.

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(02050) Basic Site Materials and Methods
(02 05 00) Common Work Results for Existing Conditions
(31 05 00) Common Work Results for Earthwork
(32 05 00) Common Work Results for Exterior Improvements
(33 05 00) Common Work Results for Utilities
(35) Waterway and Marine Construction
(35 01 00) Operation and Maintenance of Waterway and Marine Construction
(35 05 00) Common Work Results for Waterway and Marine Construction
  (35 06 00) Schedules for Waterway and Marine Construction
(35 08 00) Commissioning of Waterway and Marine Construction
(35 32 00) Artificial Reefs
(35 32 13) Scrap Material Artificial Reefs
(35 32 13.13) Scrap Concrete Artificial Reefs
(35 32 13.19) Scrap Steel Artificial Reefs
(35 32 13.33) Sunken Ship Artificial Reefs

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