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S-5000 Cem-Dye W

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Cem-Dye™ (W) is a liquid dye that is soluble in water and acetone. With colors ranging from earth tones to vivid, it can be used along with acid stains or as a stand-alone coloring system, and is often used in conjunction with concrete polishing. Cem-Dye (W) offers a fast and affordable way to add color to interior concrete.

S-5000 Cem Dye W ColorChart
S-5000 Cem Dye W ColorChart


  • Polished Concrete
  • Interior Concrete
  • Intensify and enhance existing colored concrete.
  • Add visual texture and depth to a concrete surface or cementitious topping
  • Build layers of color
  • Even out color tones, blend and soften areas where stains reacted unevenly
Cem-Dye (W) is normally applied at 200-300 sq. ft. per gallon. It may be sprayed using a low-pressure solvent resistant sprayer, HVLP or airbrush. The use of water will produce a floor with more variations in tone, while the use of acetone will produce a more monotone finish. A brush can be used for small areas. When brushing, it is best to use water as the solvent.

  • 16 oz. Container / 1/8 Gallon Unit
  • Available in 16 colors.
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