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About KeeGuard Rooftop Guardrail


KeeGuard Rooftop Guardrail

KeeGuard is Non-Pentrating, Free Standing Roof Edge Fall Protection
KeeGuard Rooftop Railing is a safety railing sytem that protects the people who are working on the roof surface. The system is non-penetrating and this rooftop railing system can protect a portion or an entire parimeter of a rooftop.

KeeGuard is Non-penetrating
KeeGuard is a free standing system that does not penetrate the roof membrane. KeeGuard has a patented counter balance system that allows you to protect workers on your roof without the need to screw or drill into the roof membrane. Special pads on the bottom of the base fittings provide an extra layer of protection.

Rooftop Railin that is Flexible & Cost Effective
KeeGuard rooftop railing is supplied in pre-fabricated modular kit with an integral kickboard fixing. The pre-fabricated sections make the system easy to install. The system's modular components allow installation of a 600 foot run by 2 people in 8 hours, saving you time and money where it counts most - on site. The system's modular components also allow for installation on split-level and low slope roofs.

Essential Roof Fall Protection
KeeGuard has been fully tested, and when installed properly exceeds OSHA standards. The KeeGuard System can be used for roof edge fall prevention, walkway demarcation, stairwells, open elevator shaft fall protection, skylight fall protection, and fulfillment of other prescribed safety requirements.

Full Line of Options
KeeGuard is avialble in several styles to fit the needs of your roof. KeeGuard Topfix is roof railing designed for corrugated and standing seam metal roofs. KeeGuard foldshield is a folding roof railing that will allow the railing to be folded down when not in use. KeeGuard can also be equiped with aluminum toeboard and self closing safety gates.

Easy to Quote, Fully Engineered
KeeGuard is fully engineered so it is simple and straight forward to provide you with a quote for your rooftop. Most quotes can be turned around in 24 hours. Contact our sales engineers and we will help you evaluate your options and provide you with a fast and acurate quote for a suitable rooftop railing solution.

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