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SMART System: Slab Moisture and Resurfacing Technology from Maxxon Corp.


These projects are going up fast, some at the rate of one floor every two days. This rigorous construction schedule puts a tremendous amount of pressure on concrete contractors due to the necessity of meeting specific floor flatness criteria. Floor flatness measurements taken immediately after installation may change as the floor cures, resulting in costly and time-consuming floor prep before the installation of floor goods.

The SMART (Slab Moisture and Resurfacing Technology) System combines the proven moisture vapor protection of Maxxon® MVP with the strength of Level-Right® Self- Leveling Underlayments, installing up to 20,000 sq. ft. of underlayment in a single day.

If sound control is desired in your project, turn to Acousti-Mat® Superior Sound Control Systems. Acousti-Mat provides ten levels of sound control, offering the right solution for every project. Acousti-Mat Sound Control mats are GREENGUARD Gold Certified and backed by proven sound tests over a variety of assemblies.

For new high-rise and other time-sensitive concrete construction projects, count on Maxxon’s SMART System to keep your project on schedule.

SMART System Advantages:

To Concrete Contractors

  • Finishing the concrete is no longer necessary, saving valuable time and skilled labor, finishing equipment and curing compound expenses.
  • Eliminates the hassle of meeting specific levelness criteria.
  • Removes potential problems due to moisture emissions or flatness changes that occurred during the curing process.
To Floor Goods Installers
  • Maxxon’s High Strength Cementitious Underlayment provides a smooth, flat surface ready to receive most floor goods.
  • No more waiting months for concrete to dry adequately.
  • Removes potential problems due to moisture emissions, high pH levels or flatness changes that occurred during the curing process.
To General Contractors
  • Fast-tracks new concrete construction, resulting in timelines that are met or completed ahead of schedule.
  • Addresses moisture and floor flatness, two issues that can grind a project to a halt.
  • Eliminates removal of curing compound step prior to finished floor goods installation.
  • Prevents metal stud corrosion due to high pH in concrete.
  • The Smart System warranty covers both the surface applied moisture vapor barrier and the underlayment, adding peace of mind.

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