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SmartGrid From HWI Global

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HWI's extreme efficiency Ultra-Green Clean Room lighting system. The new cutting-edge hybrid is considered a "green solution" to traditional fluorescent and incandescent lighting. Forecast as brighter than existing conventional lighting, the low temperature, environmentally friendly, high efficiency LED creation is expected to reduce eye strain, power consumption, and radiant heat in the clean room environments.HWI Global SmartGrid, the Ultra-Green Clean Room lighting system will allow a seamless incorporation into existing clean room applications. The long-life LED lighting system is expected to be a clean, more efficient, better quality light than the most advanced CFL and T-S fluorescents.

About Us

HWI Global is at the forefront of design-building turn-key aseptic clean room environments. Meeting any Classifications, creating higher standards, and completing projects ahead of schedule is HWI Global's guarantee.

HWI Global designs and manufactures custom modular clean room and ceiling systems. HWI Global also manufactures their proprietary Bio-Gard™ Wall Laminate that is ideal for the commercial, industrial, and life science industries. HWI Global as well manufactures soft wall clean rooms and all the supplies. Not only does HWI Global manufacture, HWI Global also builds to specificaitons.

HWI Global has become one of the leaders in Clean Room Design and Construction and is the preferred vendor for an array of large, high profile clientele.

Tradenames: Haddad-Wylie Industries LLC, HWI, Bio-Gard™.

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