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Southwest Fireproofing Products Co.

5119 Edith Blvd. N.E
City, state:
Albuquerque, NM
Postal code:
87107 show map
United States
(505) 345-1633
(505) 345-5292

Southwest Fireproofing Products are spray-applied cementitious fireproofing materials and accessory products for use with our fireproofing. They have a base of gypsum or Portland cement with the necessary aggregates, fillers and additives factory blended to assure proper composition. Only water is added on the job. Therefore, the proper composition is also assured in the applied products. Setting and curing after spray-application as a wet slurry creates the durable monolithic coating of well adhered fireproofing. The optimized formulations and extensive testing of our products in combination with the wet slurry application process produces many beneficial properties.

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