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Sto Corp. Featured Product: StoCoat X-black, An IR Reflective Coating


StoCoat™ X-black™
IR Reflective Coating

StoCoat™ X-black™ is a 100% acrylic exterior wall coating system that reflects the sun’s near infrared light energy and lowers surface temperatures significantly compared to traditional paints of the same color. This energy saving coating works well even in medium and darker colors. StoCoat™ X-black™ also minimizes color fading which eliminates the need for frequent repainting. It can be applied to most claddings, including EIFS, stucco, concrete, wood, brick or pre-painted surfaces and is available in more than 570 colors.


Longer life-cycle performance of the building

  • With its superior fade resistance even in dark colors and durable 100% acrylic resin system, StoCoat™ X-black™ lasts longer and is ideal for deferred maintenance programs.

  • Because of the high infrared reflectance, StoCoat™ X-black™ significantly lowers the amount of heat absorbed by the wall surface, minimizing the natural expansion/contraction of the substrate and reducing building fatigue.
Substantial energy savings
  • StoCoat™ X-black™ reflects the sun’s infrared radiation, keeping the exterior cooler and minimizing heat buildup around the building, which can cut the building’s cooling-related energy costs by 22 percent according to the U.S. Department of Energy.*

  • The use of StoCoat™ X-black™ helps diffuse heat evenly across the wall, providing a “passive” cooling technique.
Environmental benefits
  • By preventing heat buildup around buildings, StoCoat™ X-black™ can reduce the urban heat island effect,**lowering the level of smog and improving air quality. It also decreases the demand on electrical utilities’ power plants, most of which burn fossil fuels to generate electricity.

  • StoCoat™ X-black™ is a low VOC coating which meets the requirements of green building rating systems such as LEED©.
Download Links:

StoCoat X-black Textured Primers Datasheet

StoCoat X-black Multi Surface Primer Datasheet

StoCoat X-black Smooth Primer Datasheet

StoCoat X-black IR Reflective Coating Datasheet

StoCoat X-black Coating Brochure

About Sto Corp.

Sto™ is the innovative world leader in cladding, coating, and restoration systems.

Sto Corp., headquartered in Atlanta Georgia, is an innovative world leader and producer of a broad range of versatile cladding and coating systems for building construction, maintenance and restoration. Sto Corp. has achieved ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management) as well as ISO 9001:2008 certification at all of our North American locations, which are located strategically across North America to serve our more than 200 distributorships in the U.S. and Canada.

Sto Corp.'s product line includes: our industry leading StoGuard™ waterproof air barrier systems; Specialty Coatings including the patented StoCoat™ Lotusan™ coating with self-cleaning effect, StoTherm™ Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS); StoPowerwall™ hardcoat stucco systems, StoQuik™ Silver cement board stucco systems; and a complete line of restoration products.

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