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Sto Corp. Introduces StoTherm ci Mineral System


Sto Corp., the innovative world leader in full system facades, prefabrication, air barriers, coatings, and restoration solutions, has recently introduced StoTherm® ci Mineral, the only U.S. decorative and protective high-performance exterior wall system with the unique advantages of mineral wool. Developed by Sto Corp. in collaboration with Owens Corning, the StoTherm ci Mineral system combines the fire and thermal advantages of mineral wool with the design flexibility and performance of Sto exterior wall systems.

Sto Corp. Introduces StoTherm ci Mineral System

StoTherm ci Mineral goes well beyond the NFPA 285 standard with enhanced fire protection for improved occupant safety. With a continuous exterior thermal control layer that resists fire and temperatures in excess of 2000 degrees for more than five hours, StoTherm ci Mineral easily passes as a two-hour fire rated assembly. The StoTherm ci Mineral system has outstanding heat-transfer characteristics for occupant comfort and is the only non-combustible insulation EIFS in the U.S.

“Every element in the StoTherm ci Mineral system has been engineered to fully capitalize on the unique characteristics of mineral wool,” said Karine Galla, Product Manager for Sto Corp. “We worked with a global supplier to create the dowels, which are made of low thermal conductivity material designed to minimize or eliminate thermal bridging.”

Because mineral wool can handle much higher internal temperatures, there are no limitations on the Light Reflectance Values (LRVs) of exterior surfaces, allowing for an abundant choice from a wide range of colors, shades and textures for the exterior, giving more design flexibility. The base coat and meshes available with the system also extend a wide range of options for impact resistance. And the system offers easy installation and a tight fit.

StoTherm ci Mineral has a fully integrated seamless air and moisture barrier and is a complete, engineered façade system with all control layers. In fact, all StoTherm ci systems, including Mineral, XPS and EPS, have comprehensive control layers including thermal, air, vapor, and water. Durability and water-shedding control layers are also available.

For more information on how the StoTherm ci Mineral system can enhance the performance of a building project, please visit or call (800) 221-2397.

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