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Sto Corp. Presents Stolit™ Milano, an Easy-to-Apply, Ultra-Smooth Exterior or Interior Decorative and Protective Wall Finish


Stolit™ Milano is a very fine, extremely workable finish for interior or exterior wall surfaces that yields more coverage than comparable products on the market. In just two to three coats, this versatile finish can achieve multiple decorative looks, from a fine grit texture to the industrial feel of ultra-smooth metallic panels. Highly breathable and mildew resistant, Stolit Milano can also be top coated to provide additional abrasion protection.

This ready-mixed, water-based acrylic finish can be custom tinted to a wide selection of colors. It requires no additives so it minimizes waste, and unused material can be stored in the sealed pail. The low VOC formulas are safe to use and tools clean up in water.

Sto Corp. Presents Stolit™ Milano, an Easy-to-Apply, Ultra-Smooth Exterior or Interior Decorative and Protective Wall Finish

Stolit™ Milano Benefits:

Exceptional Design Versatility

  • By varying application technique and coating combination, many looks can be achieved, including that of Venetian plaster, metal, and even concrete
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior wall applications
  • Integral color of finish results in a longer lasting, more uniform look
  • Can be tinted in a range of colors from the Sto Color System
A More Cost-Effective, Time Efficient Application
  • Easy 2-coat process to achieve an ultra-smooth exterior finish
  • Requires no specialized application technique
  • Provides more coverage than other ‘smooth’ finishes
  • Low maintenance due to product’s moisture resistance and vapor permeability
  • Can be top coated for enhanced abrasion resistance
Safe for Applicators, Gentle on the Planet
  • Ready-mixed product requiring no additives – minimizes waste and potential errors
  • Better workability results in reduced worker fatigue
  • Water based, low VOC
Easy 5-Step Application for a Beautiful, Ultra-Smooth Finish.
  1. Scrape or stone the base coat to remove trowel lines and other surface imperfections and remove surface dust.
  2. Apply “Sto Primer Smooth”uniformly by spray or roller and allow to dry.
  3. Apply a uniform coat of Stolit Milano by trowel and allow to dry.
  4. After the product has dried, sand any trowel lines or imperfections with 100-150 grit sand paper and remove surface dust.
  5. Apply second uniform coat of Stolit™ Milano by trowel and allow to dry.
Watch the Stolit Milano Smooth Surface Finish Application Video

Watch the Stolit Milano with Ultra Smooth Finish for Metallic Looking Surface Video

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