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Sto Introduces New Stains Including Two-Tone Depth to StoCast Wood


Sto Corp., the innovative North American leader in exterior claddings, air barriers, coatings, and building restoration solutions, has added new colors to the StoColor® Wood Stain collection, giving architects and designers an even greater range of creative options.

StoColor® Wood Stain, available for use with StoCast Wood, combines the benefits of a stain and sealer in a single product. It achieves an authentic wood grain appearance, boasting unparalleled richness and depth of color, along with superior UV resistance. This new color offering is for both interior and exterior applications.

Sto Introduces New Stains Including Two-Tone Depth to StoCast Wood

The collection boasts 25 colors, such as Weathered Walnut, Rich Cedar and Weathered Serengeti; 15 are standard single-color tones and 10 are dual color tones achieved by applying two different standard colors. This mix of colors provides even more depth to the wood grain. Versatility and design freedom is key with Sto, and StoColor Wood Stain can be custom matched to a vast range of colors and a wider color range can be achieved by mixing different stain colors on the wall.

StoCast Wood can be applied as the finish layer to any Sto cladding system on walls or soffits, or directly applied to most common construction surfaces, such as CMU or drywall. With Sto’s innovative products, there is a lot of opportunity for design—from subtle accents to the entire outer surface of any building. Combine the look of wood with brick, stone, metal, or traditional plaster using the same Sto system, and enjoy a comprehensive, one-source warranty that protects your fully engineered system from the sheathing out.

“StoColor Wood Stain has a modern aesthetic that looks like real wood. I think architects and designers are going to be amazed,” said Karine Galla, Director of Product Management. “If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly and lightweight alternative to real wood, this is it.”

A StoColor Wood Stain color chart, StoCast Wood Brochure, plus 6x8” and 14x14” samples are all available upon request.

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