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Sto's Innovative Lotusan Coatings and Finishes


StoCoat Lotusan exterior coating possesses a highly water-repellent surface similar to that of the lotus leaf. When rain hits the surface it beads up, collecting dirt particles and rolling off, leaving behind a clean and dry facade.

StoCoat Lotusan
View Video Buildings stay clean and dry longer
The self-cleaning properties of StoCoat Lotusan enable rain to wash away dirt and grime, keeping facades clean and dry with less maintenance.
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Stolit Lotusan Animation
View Video Keeps buildings cleaner, longer
Your walls stay cleaner longer, thanks to the unique Lotus-Effect technology, a microtextured surface that beads water and causes dirt to wash off.
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Stolit Lotusan Video
View Video The textured finish with patented Lotus-Effect technology
Modeled on the lotus leaf, the microstructure of this finish repels dirt so it can rinse away with each rainfall.
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