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Stone Lite for Urban Concepts


Stone Lite for Urban Concepts

StoneLite® natural stone panels are a great exterior cladding option for high end multi-family residences. StoneLite® panels are not only an attractive and affordable alternative to dimensional stone but they allow the architect’s vision to be realized without the cumbersome difficulties associated with other cladding options. Their lightweight characteristics are ideal for architectural features such as cornices, fins, and cantilevered structures.


Approximately 51,000 sq. ft. of StoneLite® limestone panels were installed on the exterior of 10 Barclay St. The majority were 5’x5′ with a 12″x12″ bullnose “V” running the full height of each panel, but the pieces only weigh 130 lbs., including the attachment system. Lower levels feature panels fabricated with reveals, ornate limestone cornices on the 8th level and limestone column covers and pilasters for the upper floors.

“The StoneLite® system allowed us to realize the design intent for the building while completing the exterior facade significantly faster than would have been possible with solid dimensional stone. We are quite pleased with the result,” said Sal Puccio, Glenwood Management Corp. VP of Construction.


Islington Wharf is a 22-story mixed used in project in Manchester, UK. The StoneLite® Coffee sandstone panels were installed 3 degrees of center to replicate the effect of sails.

Our proprietary interlocking channel system may be installed horizontally or vertically and in an open joint/rainscreen or closed joint application. This project had vertical channels and was designed as a rainscreen facade.

The project originally called for an red English sandstone but the quarry could not produce slab sizes to meet the module dimensions. SPI was able to assist the designer in finding an alternative stone option.


One of the construction challenges in a densely populated area is the lay down area is extremely limited. SPI was able to meet the challenge at 81 Black Prince Rd. by manufacturing and shipping our StoneLite® panels according to the customer’s predetermined installation schedule.

The speed and ease of installing our product allowed the customer to install the current shipment while the next shipment was in route thereby reducing the amount of space needed for storage and/or damage to product through constantly moving it to make room for other trades.


SPI produced over 48,000 sf of StoneLite® Indiana Gray limestone panels for the exterior facade of Toll Brothers 21-story luxury residential building at 160 E. 22nd St.

The irregularly patterned windows combined with classic natural lightweight stone panels create a unique modern structure. The southern portion of the tower features an impressive 25 ft. cantilever framing neighboring historical buildings.

The lightweight nature of the panels do not require heavy lifting equipment needed for dimensional stone. This project was installed using a swing stage.


487 Keap St. was originally a factory building on the verge of being demolished. The brick building was almost 2 ft. out of plumb on the end walls. The renovation included adding a story and incorporating StoneLite® panels as the exterior cladding.

200 E. 62nd St. replaced 30 stories of failing slate spandrels with StoneLite® Emerald Green granite panels.


FINS – Brooklyn Bridge Pierhouse used StoneLite® St. Hubert SLG limestone panels for the exterior and architectural fins designed to act as individual balcony screen walls.

GRAINING – The Park at Bankers Hill facade is StoneLite® White Volakas marble panels manufactured with right and left graining as the designed called for directional graining based on the location of each panel.

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