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StonePly at the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission building


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has a reputation for being meticulous and standing for high quality. Their high standards are not just applied to their work and research but to all things that they do and all facets of their organization. So, when looking for beautiful stone clad paneling for their One White Flint North building they searched for a high quality, accurately made product and found it in StonePly.

StonePly at the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission building

StonePly was contracted to custom make the granite cladding for the entrance to the NRC building’s lobby. A beautiful, dark granite was chosen. The Dakota Mahogany Granite panels are made of one of the hardest stones in existence, are light weight and look amazing. The StonePly cladding chosen for the NRC lobby is the highest quality natural stone cladding available and will provide a beautiful surrounding for decades.

Installation of the StonePly panels was very quick and efficient due to their light weight and simple set up. No professional masons were needed because the panels need little skill to be installed, which saved the NRC time and money. The StonePly panels were installed using z clips. The z clips safely and resourcefully secure the stone clad panels to the walls so that they need very little maintenance, nothing more than a simple, occasional cleaning.

With StonePly it was easy for the NRC to have the exact color and type of stone that they required. The granite provided by StonePly came from right here in the USA but StonePly has access to multiple quarries all over the world, making it possible to find whatever stone may be needed for any project. The Dakota Mahogany Granite is extremely durable and the StonePly panels have 60 times the impact strength of un-reinforced granite. Besides being strong the granite panels from StonePly are also aesthetically stunning.

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