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Super-Krete Decorative Systems: Brilliant Beyond the Surface

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For over 25 years, Super-Krete® products have been enhancing, protecting and restoring concrete installations worldwide. With successful applications under severe temperature cycles such as the icy winters and freeze-thaw conditions of the Czech Republic, to the extreme humidity of the Pacific islands and the blazing heat of the western deserts, Super-Krete sealers, stains, colors, bonding agents and surfacing systems have been proven to withstand both time and the elements of nature. The Super-Krete family of quality products are guaranteed to help you meet and exceed your concrete challenges.

S-9550 Super-Krete Waterbased Stain And Seal System
The S-9500 Stain and Seal System is designed for use as a decorative flooring system for heavily used walking and vehicle traffic. Used primarily for industrial, commerical and residential floors, such as but not limited to, exterior drives, walkways, entrances, porte chacheres, retail stores, restaurants, etc. and anywhere an easily cleanable, petroleum and chemical resistant finish is required. This system is extremely versatile and is available in a wide variety of colors and custom colors are available. Super-Grit(TM) skid-resistant additive may be added to sealer application for additional skid-resistance.

S-1050 1/8-Inch Stampable Overlay System (for Seamless Textures)
Super-Krete System S-1050, 1/8-Inch Stamp Overlay System for seamless textures is a stampable overlay using Super-Krete Bond-Kote to be textured at a thin 1/8-inch profile right over properly prepared concrete.

S-9000 Smooth Surfaces & Art Deco Finishes
A smooth art deco finish may be achieved when coating over existing concrete substrates. This application is typical when creating an art deco floor or countertop and is extremely popular in restaurants, cafes, day spas and salons, and other interior areas. This system is also used to create decorative concrete countertops, outdoor barbecues, sinks, counters, showers, hearths and fireplaces.

S-1801 1/4-Inch Stampable Overlay System (for Patterned Stamping)
The S-1801 1/4-Inch Stamp Overlay System for patterned stamping is designed for Super-Stamp to be applied at 1/4-inch profile and then stamped using texture rubber mats with joints. This is a single-component system.

S-5000 Industrial Floor System
Super-Krete Industrial Floor System is designed to achieve a decorative finish for industrial areas such as garage floors, kitchens, warehouses and laundries.

S-9401 Knockdown Texture System
Knockdown texturing is the way to beautify existing concrete surfaces around high liability areas such as commercial pool decks. This Super-Krete coatings system is not only decorative – it creates a cooler walking surface and exceeds ASTM co-efficient of friction requirements for skid-resistance. This system has also passed ICBO testing requirements for a Class A Fire Rating.

Download the Super-Krete Decorative Systems Catalog

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