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Takin' It inside the home


The seasons may change but it seems the need to improve and update the home is a constant. As we're moving into winter the second issue of News From the Block is focused on "takin' it inside the house" (inspired by the Doobies Brothers song "Takin' it to the street.") - providing remodeling ideas to improve the inside of your home.

Our goal is to help you save time, money, and add style to your next basement, bathroom, kitchen or other interior or exterior remodeling project. You'll not only find articles and tips on kitchen, bathroom and basement remodeling - but you can also read the results of a Cost/Value survey that will help how to get the best market value return from your remodeling investments.

"Remodeling Trends 2010 & 2011 - How to get the biggest bang for your buck"

Maybe at no time in recent history is it more important than now to spend your money wisely. We're just pulling out of a recession (at a slower pace than most would like), housing and resale prices are still depressed, and unemployment is coming down (very slowly). So - if you're in a home that's in desperate need of several home improvement projects where should you begin to get the most return for money spent? Is there some type of statistical guide to help you prioritize remodeling projects based on the market value they will add to your home? Fortunately the answer is yes!


Call Columbus Design & Remodeling today to save $400 on a kitchen, bathroom or basement remodeling project of $4,000 or greater (good through 2/28/2011)

"Small Bath Remodeling - Size Doesn't Matter"

In the 2000's it was the bigger the better in bathroom remodeling projects - large soaking tubs, bathrooms the size of master bedrooms were all the rage. Well those days are long gone. We have a new economic reality in the United States and as we're all discovering you've got to learn how to do more with less. Fortunately cool and functional does not have to be related to size when it comes to small bathroom remodeling project. Learn these 5 ½ steps to make your small bath project shine:


Call Bath Doctor or Columbus Design & Remodeling today to save $400 on a bathroom remodeling project of $4,000 or greater (good through 2/28/2011)

"9 Kitchen Remodeling Tips that would make the Food Network Stars Proud"

If you're looking to do a kitchen remodeling project this article will provide you with 9 tips to complete a fashionable, functional and cost effective kitchen project.


Call Columbus Design & Remodeling today to save $400 on a kitchen, bathroom or basement remodeling project of $4,000 or greater (good through 2/28/2011)

"Basement Remodeling - Cost Effective Space is Right Below Your Feet"

Are you trying to figure out how to add space without it adding up to big bucks? Maybe you've got a family member moving in, a teenager that "needs more space," or you'd like an additional bathroom or home office. If a room addition is out of the question you may want to look right below your feet - remodeling your basement. Here's 51/2 tips to lead you through the basement remodeling process:


Call Columbus Design & Remodeling today to save $400 on a kitchen, bathroom or basement remodeling project of $4,000 or greater (good through 2/28/2011)

"Get rid of old dated colors in your 1960's small bathroom - 2 Options to dress up your space without breaking the bank"

Are you just sick and tired of an old outdated color scheme in your 1960's bathroom? Are your tiles cracked, or are the walls and grout joints deteriorated? Let's face it - the 60's color schemes are over and some of the materials used are not good enough to eliminate mold and mildew from your shower and bathroom space. How can you turn this eyesore into a shower or bathtub space that is functional, cool, and easy to maintain? Here's 2 options to consider:

Option 1 - Go over the old tub and walls - Lower cost, quicker to complete, low maintenance
Option 2 - Convert your tub into a shower using a low maintenance straight or curved glass block shower wall


Call Columbus Glass Block for a Free Glass Block Shower Design Consultation or the Bath Doctor to Save $450 off a Tub, Wall and Valve Acrylic system(good through 2/28/2011).

If you need any assistance or a quote on your next project call, or email us to take advantage of the money saving offers in this newsletter.

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Columbus Glass Block
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Bath Doctor
Columbus Design & Remodeling

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