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The CavityComplete Wall System for Wood Stud with Masonry Veneer

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Get a Complete Solution

Complete Compatibility

Each component is great on its own and when combined, they produce a wall that provides thermal efficiency, continuous insulation, air and water management, vapor resistance and brick ties, plus design options that are engineered to maximize performance by climatic region.

Complete Performance

The CavityComplete™ Wood Stud Wall System features components that were tested together to produce systemized codes and standards compliance data including:
  • ASTM E2357 (air leakage)
  • ASTM E331 (water leakage)
  • ASTM E119 (fi re resistance), UL listed assembly V317

Complete Confidence

The only wall system that has been warrantied** to allow architects and specifiers to design and specify with confidence.

With thousands of products to choose from when designing a wood stud masonry cavity wall system for your upcoming project, the CavityComplete™ Wall Systems team has designed a complete system that takes the guesswork out of specification.

With the warranty and testing behind this system, you can specify with confidence.

CavityComplete™ Wood Stud Wall System features Mortar Net Solutions™ Products for Water Drainage:

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